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Brocks Performance Noise Reduction Plug for Predator Mufflers



Neighbors give you the ‘stink eye’ when you cruise by? Buddies won’t ride next to you any longer? We know you aren’t getting any older (so we won’t ask.) Let’s face it… you purchased your Brock’s Performance exhaust because it performs, looks and sounds BADASS, but there are some occasions when that sound needs to be kept in check, and you are mature enough now to give up a few ponies, if you can keep a reasonable tone. Well, Brock has listened to your requests, and he and his team have developed a good looking, quick and easy cure for your ‘hum in the drum’. Our new Noise Suppressors have a fantastic ability to curb the noise, and they install in seconds (and your ass-dyno probably won’t know the difference.) Your ears, however, will definitely notice a reduction in noise, without completely trashing the sound we know you love (and that was our goal.)

  • Reduces noise without significantly affecting horsepower
  • Fits Brock’s Performance Predator mufflers
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Includes mounting hardware



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