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Brocks Performance Noise Reduction Plug For Use in All CT Series Systems



Noise reduction plug for the CT™ Series and TiWinder™ exhaust systems

At Brock’s Performance Products, we realize there is a time and place for everything… including NOISE. Because our exhaust systems are race track inspired and designed to produce maximum power, certain CT™ Series systems can be a bit loud for the tastes of some enthusiasts during continuous street use.

After many months of dyno and track testing, we have developed a quickly insertable/removable Noise Reduction Plug (NRP) to easily temper the edge without significantly affecting the power output or the rich tone our customers have come to enjoy from our systems. Also, due to our free flow design, NO MAP CHANGES are required.

Please note: As the power producing capabilities of today’s machines increase, so do the flow requirements of the exhaust systems. Power level variances of 2-5% have been recorded. This varies per bike and per exhaust and cannot be felt ‘seat of the pants,’ (although we find a placebo effect is typical in most riders whenever the noise level is reduced on their machine.) Our Noise Reduction Plugs are designed to be a quick, easy, and inexpensive means for the performance enthusiast to dampen the noise of their exhaust one moment, AND have the freedom of maximum track and dyno performance the next. For riders who prefer long term noise reduction, with the least possible power loss, please see our QuietKore muffler series for use in conjunction with our CT™ Series exhaust systems.

  • Fits Brock’s CT™ Series and TiWinder™ Titanium systems
  • Easy installation
  • Maximum noise reduction without significantly affecting the rich tone of the exhaust system
  • Weighs only .30 lbs
  • Installs inline between muffler and mid-pipe
  • Order two for a CT™ Dual




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