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MR56 Tecnium Brake Pads Hayabusa 99-07 (Rear)



NISSIN, manufacturer of complete brake systems, has unparalleled experience not only in the field of brake pads but also calipers, brake discs, master cylinders, etc….


  • Semi-metallic pad
  • Recommended for GT, sport and street bikes on street use
  • Best balance performance provides high-mileage and stable friction coefficiency providing ultimate control in dry and wet conditions
  • For steel, inox or cast-iron brade-disc.

When it comes to the same consistent braking performance, stop after stop, there is only 1: TECNIUM. The specially formulated, asbestos-free and / or sintered metal brake pads respond superbly to the rider’s braking input and provide precise feedback for safe, accurate braking power. Hot or cold, wet or dry, high speed or low, it doesn’t matter for Tecnium. They find the balance between effective braking and optimal durability. For example, Tecnium brake pads are designed for optimum resistance to vitrification and squeaking. They are also brake disc friendly, for cast iron or stainless steel. All Tecnium brake pads are approved according to ECE regulations. Brake pads are available in 2 types of material: Organic or sintered. In a normal driving style, the organic brake pads are fine. For a sportier driving style, we recommend the sintered brake pads. To make a choice in the right brake pads, we advise you to also consult the instruction booklet. In the meantime, check whether the brake pads are still in order. As soon as they become thinner than 1 to 2 mm, it is time to replace them. An X-number of kilometers is often difficult to determine, since this entirely depends on all conditions that occur during braking moments. Driving too long with worn brake pads can damage the brake discs, but can also cause dangerous situations.

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