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“TANK CURE” Tank Cleaner
This is a strong claening fluid to degrease your tank. We advise to always use this product because it will guarantee a good adhesion of the sealant to the surface of the patrol tank. Especially if you apply the sealant in a tank for a two stroke engine it is nessesary to use the tank cleaner first.

Treatment of the tank before application of Tank Sealant
In order to guarantee a good result you always have to do some preparation on your tank Before you apply the sealant the tank should be absolutely dry, free of grease and almost free of rust. “TANK CURE” offers you products that will assist you in the preparation of the tank.

  • “TANK CURE” Tank Cleaner
  • “TANK CURE” Rust Remover
  • “TANK CURE” Epoxy Remover

These products form an ideal base before you apply our tank sealant. We will briefly highlight each product:

“TANK CURE” products enable you to recondition the inside of your fueltank in a professional way. “TANK CURE” is manufactured by POLY-SERVICE. This petrol resistant Tank Sealant is adopted on a large scale in The Netherlands, Germany, England and Belgium. Users have build up more then 15 years of very satisfying experience with this sealant. It has been successfully applied to steel tanks.




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